Friday, April 11, 2014

Preparing the webshop...

Today I got the print on canvas of "Red Riding Hood"!!! Soon available on my webshop! :D 
Those on the background are random people's bikes and cars. Not my car and not my bike. I have a "fake" (=never used) driving license and a children-size Mickey Mouse bike(=almost never used) which I would never post on this blog. EVER. 
If you are wondering if there is any connection between this story and Red Riding Hood, no there isn't. I often jump from one random topic to an even more random topic without any hidden agenda. My husband loves it, especially if he's trying to watch Top Gear on TV. 


  1. Beautiful result on canvas, love it, love it, love it! When is the webshop going to be launched?! I know, I am curious. Top Gear is a great program deserving one's undivided attention, I sympathize with your hubby.

  2. Thanks a lot!! :D I am arranging things for the webshop, I hope to be ready soon! Yes, hubby thinks the same, he literally loves the program :)