Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Journal: Introduction

Time to introduce myself!
Here below an illustration that I have made for Bonbonblog (yes! I have a second blog: It describes (I hope it does?) who I am (a little bit of it at least) and how I came up with the label and webshop If you are fond of design give a look at it and feel free to shop around!.
Everything started with a request from my dear friend "Madame Bonbonblog" who's the actual (great) writer behind Bonbonblog: "Hey, we should write a post about you, so that customers can get to know who's behind Bonbonbox". She put down a nice list of questions which I should have nicely answered so that she could have written a nice post about me...Well, I ended up disregarding completely the questions (sorry dear!). Instead, I came up with the illustration below. I guess I love pencils more than pens. 
Madam Bonbonblog was able to write a nice post anyway (thank you!!!), which you can read here:


  1. Ok, third attempt at leaving a message here ;-) I was saying that... I just love the idea of introducing yourself using your favorite tools/means of expression! After all, they will define who you are better than anything or anyone for that matter.

  2. Thanks Daydreamer :) I had lots of fun doing it and there will be soon similar posts online :)