Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby room decorations: from drawing to wall sticker

I had so much fun drawing the picture below. I guess I especially loved it because it was made for my little one. For him to fall asleep dreaming of foxes fishing stars, sweet sleepy dragons and dogs driving cars.
The first picture shows the drawing that I made, the second one shows the result on the wall, after I had a sticker made from it. Husby helped to put the sticker on the wall, I am a total disaster when it comes to practical stuff like that. Love the result!
The white crib which also appears in the picture was made by our friend Chris (CCASS furniture), the beautiful (hand-made!) blanket was a present by a special friend and the stuffed toy was a funny thing that my mum and I did together. She did most of the sewing work, I did mainly the design and a few stitches here and there and the supervision of course ;)
If you like funny creatures as much as I do and you wish to have them on your wall just drop me a line, I would love to make a personalized magic world for your little one/s.


  1. The rendering on the wall is...magic! Simple and full of life, your little one is one lucky guy!

  2. Thank you so much Daydreamer! :)

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