Friday, July 11, 2014

Work in progress: The Dutch-Australian project - Part 1

I am working on a wall sticker for a Dutch-Australian couple!
The drawing should combine Dutch and Australian elements and picture the couple's life in Sydney and the one of their relatives both in Australia and The Netherlands. It is quite a complex illustration, full of details (which I love!).
The couple sent me lots of pics of their happy family and their beautiful house, the parents' farm in The Netherlands, their cats and parrots. I had so much fun thinking how to combine all elements together.
The sticker will cover the wall of their baby's room.
I guess I especially love working on this project as I am a foreigner here in The Netherlands and Alex (my 8 months old son) is also born in between two cultures. 
Here below the first part of the illustration. More to follow!

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