Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The 52 weeks illustration challenge

Modern technology can do miracles. Like bringing together artists from around the globe to share an experience.
Tania McCartney started The 52 Week Illustration Challenge a few weeks ago and her Facebook group has already 819 members! Anybody can join, both professionals and amateurs. Each week the artists challenge themselves with a new illustration based on a theme chosen by Tania: children, flowers, caravans and so on. 
Tania started the initiative as a self challange to re-discover her illustration skills and she probably was not expecting to gather such an international participation and even attention from the media!
Tania has recently opened also a blog, where she posts her favourite images from each week. 
I was so happy to see my illustration posted on her blog this morning! 
I wish I had more time to take more active part to this initiative, it is so much fun!
Good luck Tania!


  1. Fantastic contest, beautiful selection every time! Congratulations for being part of the selection :-) Talents always blow my mind...

  2. Thanks a lot Daydreamer! It is indeed a great selection and I am also amazed by how many creative and talented people are out there! :)