Thursday, June 25, 2015

Family Portrait: I Piccolini

Isn't this international family super cute? She (Italian) loves anything pink. He (Spanish) is a crazy supporter of Atletico Madrid. They live happily in Dublin together with their adorable dog Douglas, who seems to be obsessed with ham...

"The birds" at Jam Workspace

Did I already mention that three of my drawings are currently exposed at Jam Workspace?
A great venue for meetings, trainings, presentations and networking events in the centre of Amsterdam! I am in love with their logo:

Kirsty Weir, the owner, managed to create a very professional but at the same time relaxed atmosphere. I love the space: it's fresh, colorful and nicely decorated.
A couple of months ago, Kirsty (who's a super lovely and friendly person btw) "called" for artists and photographers: she wanted to fill her space with even more colors and beautiful things. 
For the occasion I decided to create three new drawings. I wanted to draw people, but animals as well, so why not a mix? Somebody gave me the idea of doing something with birds and that's how "The Flamingo", "The Chicken" and "The Green Magpie" came to life. 

The 7th of May Kirst organized a great event to showcase our pieces. So many people came, it was such an exciting moment when she introduced all of us! Look at the picture below with the "paparazzi" we felt like true stars! :P

This is the list of artists and photographers that took part to the event:

I believe most of the artworks are still hanging at Jam Workspace, so go there and check them out!
I am very proud to say that The Flamingo got an admirer and was sold during the event! But you can still see The Chicken and The Green Magpie in one of the rooms (the cutest room!).

More pics from the event:

Yes, my t-shirts were also there!

Art lovers admiring our work...

Thanks a lot Kirsty for organizing such a great event and for giving us the chance to showcase our work! Woop woop for you, for the lovely space you created and for the artists who shared this experience with me!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bonbonbox at the Sunday Market!

Have you ever been to the Sunday Market? It's a great place to shop art, fashion and design items in the beautiful surroundings of the Westerpark in Amsterdam. 
There is also lots of yummy food and if you add beautiful weather you surely get your perfect day!
I was there last Sunday, together with my "beasts"!

The free doodles for the kids (and many grown-ups as well) were very popular!

Keep an eye on the blog and on my Facebook page for the next market! In the meanwhile Bonbonbox goodies are available on my Etsy and Markita webshops.