Thursday, December 4, 2014

Work in progress: Two Metres of Max

I am working on a new, exciting and...veeeeery long project! I mean literally long, since it is a 30 cm x 200 cm long illustration! 
It is the story of little Max, his Scottish mum and his English dad, of Niknak and Bifi (their cats) and Biscuit (their dog). A story about dinosaurs and teddy bears, trips to the moon, tractors and trailors, apples and bananas. So many elements, so many details...isn't that what I love the most?
Dear Max, I hope you will enjoy looking at this drawing as much as I am enjoying making it :)
Here below the work in progress:


  1. I have been away from this comfy little spot for too long: watching your work unfold, literally, is a pleasure. Congratulations on this looooooong project (and for the great header, "Siam tre piccoli porcellin..." :-))

  2. Thanks a looooot!! I have also been away from this spot for too long! I promise I will post more often! Busy busy busy... :) It's a pleasure to hear from you again I miss our long email-chats ;)